Here I made a big bunch of flowers and the size of flowers is also big. It’s like Fancy White Beauty Flower Arrangement type. But the look of these flowers is very different and antique.




  1. Net cloth
  2. Big beads
  3. U.h.u glue
  4. Brown floral tape
  5. Brown glitter
  6. Antic dull gold glitter
  7. Stocking twisted wire
  8. Stem wire
  9. Flower wire
  10. Nylon transparent plastic wire




1.  Firstly, make nylon plastic bushes.

2. Take the long plastic wire and cut it .The size of each single wire should be 14” inches.

3. Make 32 long wires of this length.

4. Take the plastic wire and dib it whole into the gum and then get out it.

5. Now sprinkle full brown glitter on the wet plastic wires.

6. By that make all 32 wires and let all dry.

7. Take stem wire and bind 8 glittery wires on it with floral tape all around the stem wire.

8. Now take 8 more brown glittery wires and bind them below the first layer of glittery wires with floral tape.

9. By that make 2 more layers of brown glittery wires, and wrap all the stem wire with floral tape.

10. Make 3 stem of glittery bushes like that.

11. Paste small golden glittery beads on the edges of some brown glittery bushes.

12. Plastic_wire_bushes_completeNow antic glittery bushes are ready.

13. Now make fancy antic flowers.

14. Take 12 inches long wire and gave it the shape of petal.

15. Make 7 long petals like that.

16. Take u.h.u glue and spread it all over the petal.

17. Now sprinkle dull gold glitter on the half part of the wet petal completely.

18. Then sprinkle the brown glitter on the half part of petal which was left.

19. Make the other 6 petal like that and let them dry.

20. Big_fancy_flower

      Medium_glittery_flowerMake 12 petals of 7 inches long wire for 2 medium size flowers.

21. Make 12 petals of 4 inches for 4 small flowers.


22. Now make stamens with big beads.

23. Take 1 big bead and paste it on the 3 inches long wire.

24. Put glue on the whole bead and dib it in the golden glitter bottle.

25. Now wrap floral tape on the wire.

26. One stamen is ready.

27. Make 7 stamens for big flower, 5 for each medium size flower and 3 for every small flower.

28. Make these 30 stamens for stamens stem.

29. Take stem wire and wrap the stamens one by one on it like you can see in the picture.

30. Beaded_stamens_stemNow beaded stem is ready.

31. Then take 7 stamens and wrap it on the stem wire with floral tape.

32. Now paste 7 big petals on the stem wire with u.h.u glue and wrap floral tape.

33. Big_glittery_flower_completeNow cover the whole stem wire with floral tape.

34Medium_glittery_flower_complete. Take 5 stamens for medium size petal flower and make it like big flower.

35. By that make all flower stems.

36. stocking_wire_wraping_on_stem_wireFinally, Wrap the golden twisted wire on all the stems like you can see in the pictures.

37. Now arrange these stems in beautiful vase.



       Fancy Antic Flowers are ready.