Bread Dough Making

04/01/1980 01:26

    Bread dough is very easy in making and there is no need of cooking it at stove, just mix all the things very well and your dough is ready.

Let’s try to make it:





  1. Bread slices        10
  2. German glue         1 cup
  3. Vinegar white       1 tabs
  4. Glycerin pure       2 teaspoon




  1. Mix all the things very well by your hands for about 45 mints, until it looks smooth.
  2. Now take a plastic bag and grease it with cold cream and keep the dough in it and then again mix it well.
  3. After 4 to 5 mints, keep the dough for 1 day.
  4. Now add colour and use it in flower making.


   Bread dough is ready.