*~*Italian Dough Flower Making *~*perfect recipe***

06/04/2011 12:26


You only need the things like:

  1. Cornflour         1/2 cup
  2. German glue or white glue      1/2 cup
  3. Water             2 tabs
  4. Lemon juice     1/2 tabs
  5. Glycerine pure  1/2 tabs
  6. Non-stick cooking pan
  7. Cooking oil       few drops
  8. Oil  paint colours (any colour you like)



1 Method:




  1. Take a non-stick pan and mix water and glue very well.
  2. Now add the cornflour into the pan and mix it faster don't leave the spoon until the dough soft.
  3. Add lemon juice and glycerine pure in the material and and now cook it on the very little heat.
  4. Make sure, dont leave the spoon until end because its necessary.
  5. It take maximum 3 to 4 minutes. When the dough is become thick and leave to stuck the pan, your dough is ready.
  6. Take out the dough into a plastic bag, but grease the plastic bag with Cooking oil, Vaseline or cold cream.
  7. Now to knead ( gundhana ) the dough in the plastic bag very well until the dough getting more smooth.
  8. Let it cold in fridge for 1 day.
  9. Mix the oil paint colour in the Italian dough very well by your hands.Now your dough is ready to make flowers.
  10. Take a little piece of dough and make a plan round bread of it.Make sure that your bread should be very thin and fine.
  11. Now twist and turn round the dough bread with your fingertips and gave it a shape of rose bud.
  12. For a rose, you make 1 bud,3 small petals and 5 big petals.
  13. Attached the small 3 dough petals one by one around the rose bud by glue.
  14. Now attached 5 big petals round the small petals.now you attached all the petals to the rose, but before you dry it, attached stem into the centre of rose flower with glue. Set and twist the petals like a rose. Now let it dry.
    doo flower making
  15. Covered the stem with wrapping floral tape around it.
  16. Now make leaves from dough with the help of cutter.The colour you add the dough should be green for leaves.you also make dark and light green leaves for a natural look. You can also use artificial leaves to decorate your flowers.
  17. Then you take the rose stem and attached the leaves on it with glue and floral tape.


Now your dough flower rose stem is ready.

Other Pictures are following (Arum lily)

doo flower makingbeautiful doo flower


1. You can also used the food colours in the dough instead of oil paint colours and mix the colour in the dough very well by your hands. But its always good to use oil paint colour.

2. Always keep the dough in plastic bag and then REFRIGERATE it.

3. Once you made the dough,protect the dough from Air, because air will dry your dough and waste it.

4. Always take small pieces of dough for use.

5. If you follow these instructions, your Dough will soft. RSS feed.