Flaxy Dough or French Dough

04/01/1980 00:50

 It’s very easy method of making flaxy dough use in flower making. There is no need of stove to cook it. It’s made by your hands easily.


Dough making Requirements:


1. Ceramic powder           1 cup

2. Starch powder             ¼ cup

3. Arabian glue                ½ cup

4. Simple water                2 Teaspoon

5. Baby oil                       1 Teaspoon

6. White poster colour      if needed


Dough Making Method:     


  1. First of all, mix ceramic powder and starch powder.
  2. Now add Arabian glue, water and baby oil in it.
  3. Mix it very well by your hands about 40 mints.



     Now your flaxy dough is ready.



       If your flaxy dough looks transparent after mixing, add some poster colour in it.